About Built-to-Order...

Built-to-Order was founded in February 2001 by Paul McAllister and his
wife Charli, in an effort to provide an outlet for their creative talents and a
service to those who seek and enjoy quality.

We serve a clientelle who:

~wants a product designed and built specifically for them.

~knows that the cheapest price means the cheapest product. (you get
what you pay for!)

~understands that paying for quality saves money in the long run.

We provide free estimates in the Atlanta metro area.  Projects in other
parts of Georgia and in surrounding states are considered on an
individual basis.
Paul also builds molds for cast stone
production. He's pictured above with a
plaster cast of a porch support which was
formed from a rubber mold. He sculpted
the original, from which the rubber mold
was cast, entirely by hand.
About Us
Ellijay, GA
About Paul McAllister...

Paul was raised in Brazil along the Amazon River by missionary parents.  
At a young age he began developing a sense of integrity that is now
instilled in his being.  He is a firm believer in quality and honesty; facts that
manifest in his work.

When he was a young adult he explored many career fields, such as:
training jaguars and cougars, working on oil rigs, traveling with a carnival
and night auditing at hotels.  As he tells the story, when he discovered
wood, he knew he'd found his niche.  He has a natural talent for
"visualizing" a project in its finished state before any work has begun.  He
feels this is one of his greatest gifts because it enables him to create a
piece, step-by-step, with the completed version painted on his mind's eye.

Many people believe that Paul is an artist.  Paul says "All I do is break
things down to their most basic form, then keep adding details.  It is all
geometry.  Most people try to do things in the fewest possible steps.This
lends to inaccuracy and can also be unsafe.  I have learned that taking
shortcuts takes longer produces poorer quality work and is dangerous!"
Paul sculpting a Corinthian column capital
from which he will make a rubber mold.
Our house...

We live in Gillmer county Georgia.  Our house is actually in the
Chattahooche National Forest and borders Tickanetley Creek.
Wood shop...

This building is 27 x 80.   
Our son Nicholas @ age 12...

This is Nick's first fish.
Gallery III
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Nicholas @ age 14...

Monopoly king.
Wine Cabinet
Here are some links to pictures of recent jobs
built by Paul.
Book Cases, Window Seat and TV Cabinet
Hall table
Built to Order

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